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Space har inte lagt till några event än.

The 5 Universal Laws - Vart du än är, Hur du än mår, Vad som än sker, dessa fem "lagar" går alltid att applecera. Jag valde att ha det skrivet i engelska då jag känner att det beskriver det bättre än Svenska för mig. Enjoy!

Universal Law #1

You exist, you always have and you always will. You are eternal.

In other words, your fundamental nature is that of existence (rather than that of non-existence). You are a part of existence, therefore you are eternal, just like everything else. Existence is eternal, and since you exist, you are eternal as well!

Understanding this Universal law, I've found, is quite relieving. There is no need to fear your death or the idea of your non-existence, as you are eternal. It never ends, you keep on going and you keep on expanding.

So, if things aren't going the way you'd like for them to, it's ok! You have an eternity to figure everything out. Enjoy the ride!

Universal Law #2

Everything is here and now.

We are experiencing our consciousness through a created filter of time and space. However, this filter is simply a creation of ours that allows us to experience expansion in a linear fashion.

In reality everything exists in one place (here) and at one time (now). In addition, you only ever exist in this here and now moment.

Understanding this Universal law has been helpful to me, as it has helped me focus on the only thing that matters: NOW (without getting too caught up in what was what will be).

Now is the only place you will ever be, and now is where 100% of your power is. Focus your attention here and now.

Universal Law #3

The One is the All and the All is the One.

Many people believe they are separate from the whole of the Universe. The entire Universe, it seems at times, is a bunch of stuff outside of me.

Other people, other worlds, god, spirits, etc, under this definition, feel like they are outside of us.

However, you ARE the entirety of existence functioning as YOU. I am the entirety of existence functioning as ME.

Understanding this Universal law has helped me in understanding that everyone I meet (here and beyond) is just ME from a different perspective. You are the me having the you experience, and I am the you having the me experience.

This is useful because it helps you understand that everyone is in this with you. We are all of the same thing, we all work together, we all need each other and rely on each other.

This fundamental law has made a massive improvement on the way I relate to other people, and to the divine.

Universal Law #4

What you put out is what you get back.

You are creating simply by getting back what you are putting out. If you are sad, reality matches you with sad scenarios and phenomenon in your reality. If you are happy, reality matches you with a happy reality.

Additionally, if you spend 90% of your time thinking about and focusing on your business, your business will take up approximately 90% of your life. If instead, you spend 90% of your time focused on your family, family will take up the bulk of your reality.

Further, if you judge others, they will judge you back. If you love others, they will love you back.

Call it karma, the Law of Attraction or Universal Law #4, there is no escaping the fact that what you put out is what you get back.

Universal Law #5

Everything changes except for the first four.

This final law describes the ever-changing nature of reality. No matter what we do, we are incapable of stopping change.

Different faces, different places, different events, beliefs and ideas. Reality is constantly in flux and it is constantly expanding.

What we knew 50 years ago in many ways is highly irrelevant and inaccurate compared to what we understand today. Old information and technology is continuously revamped, improved and replaced.

Understanding this Universal law has been helpful to me, as it has helped me detach more from the idea of things needing to be constant or stable. It's helped me move forward when things have changed, where in years past I would cling to what was.

If everything changes, and change is inevitable, you might as well go with the flow and enjoy the journey.
Just know that even though everything will change, the first four laws will remain constant no matter where you leap to next. In this way, you always have a map and you will always know what to do, no matter where the journey may lead you!

Om du vill förstå mer och tydligare så kan jag rekommendera dessa teachers!

Bashar / Alan Watts / Eckhart Tolle / Paul Lowe / Teal Swan / Sadhguru / Neil deGrasse Tyson

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det låter sjukt djupt, och as ballt! så vad e de du gör nu i livet? :3

Demiguise Tjej, 23 år

JÄVLAR vilken cool profilbild du har Simon!!! ???????

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i need some space

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Hahaha nej men hej på dig Space! :D <3

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Hahha ;*
Kan hända ;)))

Låter ju as cooolt!!

Jag har just flyttat hemifrån, nu bor mitt i Göteborg, jobbar, softar liksom bara njuter av allt :3

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