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To Weird To Live, To Rare To Die

25 reasons to date a gamer!
1) We know many positions
2) Strategically minded
3) Quick with our fingers
4) Practice with our fingers every day
5) Cos we are usually smart at what we do.
6) Female gamers know how to handle a joystick
7) Gamers usually have a great sense of humour
8) Most nerds/gamers will be careful and honest with the girls they date
9) Gamers are usually not very self-fixated
10) You never have to wonder where he is.
11) We dont sleep = 24/7 Lifeguard
12) We pay attention to details
13) We're low maintanance (pizza, coke and some snacks is all we need)
14) We understand the importance of effort = reward (Quest: Visit mother-in-law. Rewards: Lots of sex
15) We're easy to buy presents for. (we've probably been talking about the newest game for months)
16) We're easy to work out a schedule with (19:30: Him = raiding/grinding, Her= Gilmore Girls/!!@#% Eye)
17) We most likely have a wide selection of adult entertainment *see note above
18) We can keep going for hours.
19) We learns from mistakes.
20) We knows what buttons to press.
21) We can stay focused.
22) We dont cheat.
23) We got a good aim
24) They will agree to anything you ask them when you ask during a tough part of the game
25) We always want to explore new content

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AloneIBreak Tjej, 29 år

Yolo weirdo

snipsnapsnut Tjej, 56 år

what e de sant

snipsnapsnut Tjej, 56 år

gilla du nt mitt namnförslag

Bluuni Tjej, 28 år

aa men precis. rätt häftig ras!

Bluuni Tjej, 28 år

Riiight! det är väl den rasen som blir väldigt stora. Cool :3

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