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U want to know me?

"Born into the world, each enjoying his own life, discovering the black box in his this bliss?
The important thing is to surpass your limit line. Shall we go? Take your step, and outdo yourself today!

But what should we do with our days? Trying to live flawlessly is a big no no.
Stop! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! Ignore everything else, and here we go!

If I try to suppress my heart, which is burning hot about things that are unobtainable or constrained,
how am I different from those adults, whom I have come to despise and will never forgive
for their constant attempt to pin me down blindly without even understanding why?

No matter what I do, it'll probably forever remain a pipe dream that will never come true,
but the fire burning in my heart cannot be doused by anyone.
Even if the black rain falling from the sky drenches me completely and doesn't stop,
I will never allow the fire in my heart to be extinguished. That, is my "pride".

It started pouring, as predicted. A lot more buddies gathered around than I had expected.
While talking about one another's days and futures, we became impassioned and started a fist fight.

Thinking back about how we were also fist-fighting the same way
back when we were only 15, as a means to quell our anxiety and uneasiness,
you laughed and said, "You haven't changed a bit..." So I ended up bursting into laughter as well.

If we don't stubbornly stand our ground like this, even the flow of time will become a scary thing.
The only true opponent whom I should hit is really my prideful self.
But still, I don't want to lose right now. I have "pride" not to lose to myself.

Stop! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! Ignore everything else, and here we go!
Stop! Observe thoroughly the flow of the world! Ignore everything else, and here we go!

No matter what I do, when I'm alone at night, I become even unable to understand myself.
When you're with me, and we try to understand each other, then I'll be able to become stronger.

I don't care how things turn out, and I don't care if I'll look uncool,
I will desperately try to change my future.
Even If I'm told that my destiny is immutable no matter what I do,
I myself can still change, and I will prove to you that I can change myself.

This is, that's right, "pride", each in its own place...

Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.
I don't want to forget yet, the heat in my chest.
Don't perish yet, the fire in my heart.
I can still keep going, so here I go!"

-Core pride by UVERworld & Satoru Hiraide

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Precis! Det är därför jag ÄR Dumbledore... that makes sense.. in a way...
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nei, bara ond bråd död och mörker och farligheter :@ MORR

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