Kille, 28 år. Bor i Svalöv, Skåne län. Är offline

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Civilstatus: Singel
Läggning: Straight
Intresse: Datorer
Bor: Inte valt
Politik: Röd
Dricker: Energidricka
Musikstil: Emo
Klädstil: Galen
Medlem sedan: 2009-03-26


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Bor:foster familj

Lyssnar på?:Dead by april,All that remains,Sonic Syndicate m.m.

What i have in me, in my mind is you I would die if we were through What I´m feeling now,What im having into I am lost whit pain without you All i have is you It is all that im breathing All i need is you Now i can´t make it through All the nigths I´ve prayed Must this all be untrue I am prepered to be strong I just can´t belive i am losing you Unprepared to carry on I can´t see you walk away All i have is you It is all that im breathing for All i need is you Now i can´t make it through I am losing you forever I am lost with pain without you I am leaving ground forever Distant, so far, desteny selecting me I can´t be strong life is disconnecting me Now loneliness infection me gone are the days You were there protecting me

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