Tjej, 18 år. Bor i Sundsvall, Västernorrlands län. Är offline och var senast aktiv: Idag 18:49



Riktigt namn: DAY Civilstatus: Ensam
Läggning: Bisexuell
Intresse: Musik
Bor: Med någon
Politik: Politik?
Dricker: Saft
Musikstil: J-rock
Klädstil: Svart
Medlem sedan: 2016-02-03


Dayyy har inte lagt till några event än.

Lovar att jag snart kommer bli as cool

Instagram: Shadow_nr.22

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UniformProcess Kille, 30 år

Håll fast vid taket och ha koll på hatten, coolt är långsamtida gåendes men ej längre än nödvändigt! ; p

ViccRage Kille, 26 år

Awesome I?m sending you an PM with my Skype so you can add me and if you have any questions then don?t be afraid to ask anytime, not just for bass practice but I?ve done production and management too and I?m happy to help if needed^^
Basically anything from the 80?s that still playing on the radio, Michael Jackson?s Beat it is a great example since it?s fairly simple to play but really hard to play well, if any of you are out of sync then the grove is gone and same goes for any kiss, Van Halen, Mötley Crüe and many more bands from that era ~~

ViccRage Kille, 26 år

Cool, I let you know whenever I am free for an afternoon or whenever you are free too ^^ ohh, nice, I would recommend adding some classic 80?s songs too, they?re usually really fun and also good for practice and pleasing a crowd ~~

ViccRage Kille, 26 år

Awesome, I?m a bit busy for the following couple of weeks but if you want to have practice sessions over Skype or something then just let me know^^ and if you don?t mind me asking, what cover songs are you guys playing? ~~

ViccRage Kille, 26 år

Don?t worry about that, you?ll be surprised over how good practice it is to play with people with less experience then you, you might have adapted an technique I not even have thought about and if you like I gladly supply with some tips for practicing ^^

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