Rick & Steve

PORKnBEANS Tjej, 26 år

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27 januari 2009 kl. 22:41
PORKnBEANS Tjej, 26 år

Någon som tycker om tv-serien Rick & Steve?
Kunde inte hitta någon youtube-länk till serien tyvärr.
Alla figurer är playdo/lego-gubbar.


The show follows the lives of three gay couples—the titular Rick and Steve, Chuck and Evan, and Dana and Kirsten—as they live in the fictional "gay ghetto" of West Lahunga Beach. The title is ironic, as all three of the main couples have typical "couple issues;" including Steve actively seeking a three-way with Rick and another man, Kirsten and Dana deciding to have a baby (with Rick's sperm), and Chuck and Evan simply trying to be together with a 31 year age difference between them.

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