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3 december 2013 kl. 02:48
And some they fly while others fall
14 oktober 2013 kl. 22:05
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Riktigt namn: josef Civilstatus: Singel
Läggning: Inte valt
Intresse: Musik
Bor: Med föräldrarna
Politik: Röd
Dricker: Vin
Musikstil: Pop
Klädstil: Svart
Medlem sedan: 2013-10-14

And some they fly while others fall

Up and down
These days are up and down
They call it elevated living
A faster future for a faster breed
Unforgiving, unfulfilling

The spirit's willing
But the mind is weak
I had an empty education
I want to speak
But when I try to speak
It doesn't help the situation

And some they fly while others fall
And some they walk while others crawl
It stops them from feeling small
That's all

Shake your hand
They'll always shake your hand
Without a moment's hesitation
Burning bridges
And snapping strands
That support a generation

You want to climb
But when you try to climb
You see the ladder getting shorter

You want to drink
But when you try to drink
There's someone
Pissing in the water

Your soul is something they can buy
So softly, softly step inside
Says the spider to the fly
Nice try

And for every day you're crucified
If you can't look them in the eye
Smile and wave goodbye
Nice try

Vices embraced in times of crisis
That's all

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