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Take this life
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Begin Again
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Suicidal dream
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Riktigt namn: Max Civilstatus: Ensam
Läggning: Straight
Intresse: Kreativitet
Bor: Med föräldrarna
Politik: Mitten
Dricker: Milkshake
Musikstil: Hårdrock
Klädstil: Skate
Medlem sedan: 2012-07-30


This can't be the credits
You were the limelight
You were the limelight, girl
And I'll never find another
And I'll never going to recover

Take this life

It's not so much the pain
It's more the actual knife
Pretending the picture is perfect
I cut myself to sleep
I close my eyes for a second
And curse my fragile soul
I scream to hide that I'm lonely
The echo calls my name


You can't bring me down
Already had my life turned upside down
I ride a downward spiral round and round
But I keep flying
I keep fighting
You won't ever bring me down


I have screamed until my veins collapsed
I've waited as my time's elapsed
Now, all I do is live with so much hate
I've wished for this, I've bitched at that
I've left behind this little fact:
You cannot kill what you did not create
I've gotta say what I've gotta say
And then I swear I'll go away
But I can't promise you'll enjoy the noise
I guess I'll save the best for last
My future seems like one big past
You're left with me 'cause you left me no choice

Begin Again

It's so unfair
This broken smile that keeps us all aware
Of wishful thoughts, and scenes we lost
And times we'll never share
I'll ask you now to show me how
To fill the circle in
What tells us all?
There is no fall, and the story never ends

They never loved
They never cared
I wished you'd understand
I'm already dead

Suicidal dream

I dream about how it's going to end
Approaching me quickly
Leaving a life of fear
I only want my mind to be clear
People making fun of me
For no reason but jealousy


Lift my head up high
I try to catch my breath
Stay awake to stop from going under
So heal me before I'm lost forever
Oh I ask forgiveness

Maybe I'm not forsaken
The silence speaks the words unspoken
Behind the tears there is salvation
Behind the hurt a new beginning



Prey for me, I think I owe you an apology
Somehow you bring the violence out in me
I’m just a shell of what I used to be
Passion is sometimes a fucked up thing for me


Deal with me
Don't even think about leaving yet
I'm not a part of some false regret
Even though I believe in fables
Come reset
A part of life that you'd soon forget
And maybe think about who you hurt
In the process

You see me
And you know I am not the same
Can't pretend to just fake a smile
Cause you know I feel every ounce of
Pain combined
With the loss of a youthful mind
You need to look at what you've become
And try to figure out where you came from