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Civilstatus: Inte valt
Läggning: Homosexuell
Intresse: Musik
Bor: Med någon
Politik: Inte valt
Dricker: Inte valt
Musikstil: Metal
Klädstil: Inte valt
Medlem sedan: 2019-09-02


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Hejsam till alla,

Okay, I will take this in English for now, but I promise to come back here and be brave enough to try a full presentation på svenska ok?!

I have moved to Sweden in 2015, and right now I just moved to the beautiful municipality of Stockholm. I'm usually easy going and positive, love chatting random things with people and philosophy about existential things. Love going on bike rides, play board games, play with my cat, video games, geocaching, or just hang out with friends doing nothing.I love languages, but to my shame my Swedish is not quite good yet. I'd love to make some new friends, preferably around Tyresö who wouldn't mind me speaking in English most of the time (if I know something in Swedish, I just do it), but also that wouldn't mind helping me a bit practicing my Swedish by just talking to me? Because my work has always been in English here and most of my friends are also from abroad, I got a bit demotivated to invest in proper learning it, but hey, it's to change that!

Don't know if that makes any difference but I'm also gay, so if you're not open minded to that, don't message me (do these people still exist in Sweden? I dont think so :D )

What else?
Ahhn...I love music, metal and rock mostly but also movie soundtracks. I play the keyboard and guitar ( I have 4 guitars, so I can definitely help you learning it if you're interested? )
I'm also a software developer, so if you're into learning coding, hit me up and let's make money building something cool together :D

Alright, I don't wanna look like a try hard, so I'll stop here. But seriously...I just wanna find ONE good friend here. If I can, then it's a WIN. Message me ^^

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