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Riktigt namn: Jesper Ritzl Civilstatus: Singel
Läggning: Straight
Intresse: Musik
Bor: Med någon
Politik: Pirat
Dricker: Diverse
Musikstil: Death metal
Klädstil: Svart
Medlem sedan: 2012-04-09

There be a yoke that's to be borne
a crippling weight on shoulders torn
limp and poor, beneath its fate
Here be a wall, around us built.
keeping in, as it is keeping out.
Antler shovel, and ox bone hoe,
dig a ditch for us to die
whence we have run our course.
In heaps they throw the weak
and there be tears for me to weep

And I feel the hand of doom
burning with golden flame
calling out to those who have no name

Here is no peace.

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