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Riktigt namn: Josefine Civilstatus: Upptagen
Läggning: Homosexuell
Intresse: Foto
Bor: Med pappa
Politik: Anarkist
Dricker: Öl
Musikstil: Allt
Klädstil: Nudist
Medlem sedan: 2008-12-06

Every time I read my own profile, I find myself thinking "If I saw myself in a bar, I wouldn't talk to myself." It obviously has nothing to do with this - actually it was a rather pointless comment, but I think it's because I so desperately tried to avoid the classic "I'm so bad at writing about me although" so it kind of took a little out of hand.

I'm Joy, I'm 17, live in Denmark. I'm a lesbian, and I'm in a relationship with Monique.


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