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"internet privacy/encryption and security"

2019-03-14 © ignatus

Ok, i wish to share this now,...

"Although the layperson may use the terms privacy and security interchangeably, those who work in the industry know the distinction between the two. They also know that both privacy and security depend on good encryption and that means good encryption for everyone."

What i found. First you must get rid of all the Malvares,viruses & trojans etc attacking your system.

(1) Step one, Download & Run "Malwarebytes" https://www.malwarebytes.com/ ... (This will clean and protect your system from all kinds of "Malwares & spyware" (Another free useful software IS also "Free CCleaner" https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner this will remove junkfiles and repair the registry, edit/remove unnecceray startup programs/installed software)..etc

(2) Step two, Download "Avast Free Antivirus" https://www.avast.com/ (or buy The "Avast Anivirus Premium") Avast is a superior Viruscleaner/software, it has many other functions also, like "optimize speed of computer", removes junkfiles, update any kind of "old software/drivers automaticly" etc, what is more, this "Avast Password"-software, will protect and encrypt your passwords... and other very useful functions.

(3) Find and Subcribe to a VPN. https://www.expressvpn.com/ (This i haven't done myself yet, but i know it's an absolute neccesity, BECAUSE a VPN is, i think the best way to protect your internet privacy & internet security, by encrypting your internet connection. VPN= Virtual Privacy Network. IF you *don't use a VPN* in short all your data will be 100% accesible to hackers and your internet provider...

***There are other "encryption measures" you could take;..

(4) Use the "Tor Browser" https://www.torproject.org... (This will also protect and secure your internet activity/privacy)

(5) *Always* Use the "Duckduckgo.com"-search engine https://duckduckgo.com/ (instead of google etc) BECAUSE this search engine will not track you/ and keep you anonymous etc. (read more about it)

(6) Use "HTTPS Everywhere" This will also protect and secure you (read more about it) https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere

(7) Register and use the Free email service "tutanota" https://tutanota.com/ (This is the worlds most secure and encrypted email-service,

(8) Facebook-Security. This is also an absolute necessity (if you already haven't looked through all the fb-"settings/privacy" ...for an example a good thing would be; --"only friends can see your posts" etc..only friends this and that...ALSO, (depending on your descision, you CAN choose/select that *no one can follow you* that is un-follow/remove all followers....for me, i think this is useful, to get read of all, snoops, (people that don't want to be your friend, but STILL wish to see what your posting etc..) and so on (There are many other Useful fb-privacy-settings..)

(9) This last step, is simply put..(IF you have more than 1 computer/or a running a Business etc. *I think* i would *not use* "windows OS",(for security reasons) so, this last step IS to change to a new/better OS, that IS; "UBUNTU"-operating system. (This can be alittle tricky to learn/read how to install the Ubuntu-OS, etc,...i will install Ubuntu, (in still working on it)...Ubuntu is by far, the best Free OS, etc... (Read more) https://www.ubuntu.com/

Sry for spelling/and or grammar errors. Hope you find this article useful.


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