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5 Essential Healing Crystals,,,

Since i've been using crystals for healing now 10+ years or so (by trial and error) i can now recommend my 5 "Essential Crystals", that Anyone/Everyone who needs healing, should have in their crystal collection;

These 5 "Essentials" Are;

1. Tiger's Eye
Gives Self confidence, strengh, hope, inspiration etc. Dispell Fear, Anxiousness, Depression...

2. Garnet
Totally removes depression, and any kind of self-doubt, Radiate Self-confidence, Hope, Peace and inner strenght etc.

3. Amber
(Said to transform negative energies into positive...gives inspiration, transformational process crystal..Holds Ancient wisdom from nature/the forest/tree)

4. Onyx
One of the most Grounding crystals out there, this one will calm down overly-active sexual energies/and/or emotions, and keep you gounded, and peaceful, with a deep inner awareness

5. Lapiis Lazuli
This one is Pure Gold, because this one will calm down over-active mental activity and gives peace of mind, and mental clarity...use for dispell any kind of confused or chaotic metal activity, also radiate inner peace etc..

Also, To summarize this, i tell you, sometimes you need to "clean" these healing crystals from the negative energy...simply hold them in your Left hand and flush them with cold tap-water (river water would be the best) and then after cleansing with cold water, put them outside (if you have a balcony etc, let them be there overnight, or overday, and let them be cleansed also by the moon or the sun etc.

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