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Dagens bild<3
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You are spirit! All-pervading! Omnipresent!
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Foe & Friend
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Vem är du, vem är jag...

"As long as we identify with the body, we have to suffer.
When you begin to understand that you are
the Self. And that you are an embodiment of love. And that your true nature is sat-chit-
ananda. Parabrahman. If you really feel that, and you ultimately become that, what ever
you see will become a reflection of your Self.
You've got to change the cause and there's only one cause and that is your erroneous belief that you are human. That you are the body and the mind. That is the only cause of your misery. Eliminate that and suffering will cease.
So again, how will you eliminate that?
By simply asking yourself, "To whom does
this come? Who's going through these karma's?" and you will soon realize it's your ego, not you. Your ego has absolutely nothing to do with you. It is your ego that reincarnates. It is your ego that comes back again and again. But it has absolutely nothing to do with you."
- Robert Adams Satsangs.

Knowledge of Oneself...


You are spirit! All-pervading! Omnipresent!

"Only consciousness, only God exists. It is what we call God or consciousness that
is the world, that is the universe.
Nothing exists on its own.
Everything in this universe comes from your mind. It isn't real by itself it's like a dream. You believe what you see with your eyes, what you hear with your ears, what you speak with your mouth, what you smell with your nose. You believe all these things are real. They are not real. They are lies. You believe you exist as a human being and you make decisions, you make choices.
You do certain things in this world.
This is not true.
It is consciousness that does everything. You are like a puppet manipulated by the
laws of karma. And everything that you do is the result of that karma. It's a lie. For in
truth karma does not exist and in truth you've never done anything because you were never born. There is absolutely nothing that you can ever do.
You are spirit! All-pervading! Omnipresent!
As far as your problems are concerned
forget them.
As far as your life is concerned forget it.
As far as the past is concerned it
doesn't exist.
As far as the future is concerned there will never be a future.
There is only this moment and in this moment you are nothing, pure nothingness. Nothing is everything and everything is nothing."
~ Robert Adams Satsangs


"The mind is really Consciousness, but appears to be the mind like a dream. When you give up the mind, only Consciousness exists. And then you'll be motivated, guided by Consciousness." --Robert Adams

Foe & Friend

"If I am angry and you meet me with anger what is the result? More anger. You have become that which I am.
If I am evil and you fight me with evil means then you also become evil, however righteous you may feel. If I am brutal and you use brutal methods to overcome me, then you become brutal like me. And this we have done for thousands of years. Surely there is a different approach than to meet hate by hate.
If I use violent methods to quell anger in myself then I am using wrong means for a right end, and thereby the right end ceases to be. In this there is no understanding; there is no transcending anger. Anger is to be studied tolerantly and understood; it is not to be overcome through violent means.
Anger may be the result of many causes and without comprehending them there is no escape from anger.We have created the enemy, the bandit, and becoming ourselves the enemy in no way brings about an end to enmity. We have to understand the cause of enmity and cease to feed it by our thought, feeling, and action.
This is an arduous task demanding constant self-awareness and intelligent pliability, for what we are the society, the state is. The enemy and the friend are the outcome of our thought and action. We are responsible for creating enmity and so it is more important to be aware of our own thought and action than to be concerned with the foe and the friend, for right thinking puts an end to division. Love transcends the friend and the enemy."
The book of life