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My thoughts and emotions revolve around this illusion of "I"

I have to discover the total ineffectiveness, the insuffiency, of my thoughts and feelings as means to approach the true nature of myself.

The power of the ego separates us from life.

The body and its attributes, my functions, are subject to a Higher force that animates them.

My body needs to open to a force to which it is closed, a force that comes from above, from a little higher than my head.

The thoughts cannot open to another dimension, the vast space in which there is silence.

We need to discover the nature of silence, when thoughts feelings and body are silent.

The wish to be conscious is the wish to be. It can only be understood in silence.

The Highest form of intelligence is meditation, an intense viliance that liberates the mind from its reactions.

--Jeanne De Salzmann "Reality of Being, The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff"

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