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Kille, 33 år. Bor i Arvika, Värmlands län. Är offline och var senast aktiv: Idag 08:09


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Hang 'Em High
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40 års fest
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"My Time"
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Ännu en vecka.
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Sov serie sökes
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Jävla DRET!
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Kan inte bestämma
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Civilstatus: Inte valt
Läggning: Straight
Intresse: Fiske
Bor: Själv
Politik: Höger
Dricker: Öl
Musikstil: Rock
Klädstil: Skate
Medlem sedan: 2020-06-04


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"My Time"

I didn't come here for the fame or the glory
I wasn't in it for the gold
Don't wanna wait 'til the end of the story
To find my body lying cold
Waking up to the now or the never
Feel the walls closing in
I see the wolves, now they're circling around me
But I am hungrier than them

Yeah, I am hungrier than them

It's the end of the line
I don't get another try
This is live or die
This is my time

Just when everyone was saying it's over
That I never stood a chance
They didn't know they were always starting fire
And bringing life back to these hands
They're about to learn that they should never try to cage me
Cause when my back's against the wall
I know that I'm the only one who'd ever save me
And I can never lose it all

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