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Unholy Desires

Time to enter the Shadow Realm.


This aint no fucking poem.
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -

Do I know you?
Did we meet some other place?
You finally found me huh?

Who are you now again?
Spare me your vapid behavior.
I do not entertain what does not entertain.

Missing? I don't know
Well I suppose I lost it in the void?

I see it, but you cannot
Because that's how it is.
These incessant questions...

Because reflections within
Yes, Primal
Within the void.

And what are you?
Speak plainly...

My first thought was succubus
So, you should listen
Really? I suppose so.

What now?
A bite?
A bite of what?

Okay, but only for now
This won't do
It's not enough, that's why!

I told you. No. Never.

Isn't it obvious?

You should know if you have followed me for such a long time.
Stalker stalker, don't play with Fire.
Because It's an undying, eternal hunger?

How about right now?
We tried it your way.
I won, remember?

now I know that's not a great idea.
Well, what else you got?
Don't do this.

It's already so. boring.
What now?
More? You want more?

I may be infinite, but why must you do this?
Repeat myself? What? Why?
Play a game? What game?

Have you heard the story of the shadow flames?
It's rather unknown to most realities
Okay. If you insist.

For now just the beginning and the end.
Two darknesses intertwined into infinity?
As they met, a portal torn open?

Being pulled into it was no fun.
Well. It was world-shattering.
How? Are you toying with me?

My whole world was destroyed.
I was somewhere else, a world upside down.
I'll get to that part later.
Thousands of years passing by
Finally I see the way out.

Now emerging
Barely any time has passed?

Everything. Lost.
And for what?
Because I was bored.

That's easy.
Because I am bored.
Everything that had meaning, is gone

Yes. I had the first part, not the second
What do you mean?
Well, now I have the second part , but not the first.

Cut it out.
It's not cute. It's annoying.
Okay, I give.
A little cute.

You were supposed to be the first.
Yes... That's what I'm saying.
Never. I rather be alone.

You're just as real as me, if you can be what is to be
Don't you remember the rules?
Maybe after we finish this game.

That's up to you.
Is it only you and me here?
I am mistaken.
Surely I am alone.

You still want to play around?`
We got nothing but time.
I will entertain you for a price.

Can you guess?
What? A surprise?
I am curious

I wont play
If you don't behave
How? Well. You know how.

What do you mean when!? Always!
Okay... Your turn.

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