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Riktigt namn: Harju Civilstatus: Ensam
Läggning: Straight
Intresse: Dricka
Bor: Själv
Politik: Anarkist
Dricker: Alkohol
Musikstil: Hårdrock
Klädstil: Svart
Medlem sedan: 2013-02-05


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someday i know i gonna take my life, and that day... hope you coming to say goodbye for last time

/ ||><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---|| \
/ ||---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><------|| \
/ ||><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---|| \
/ ||---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><------|| \
/ ||><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---><---|| \

I know my sunshine is gone and the darkside of my life been bigger each Day, but someday i Will found new sunshine of my life.

Death Anxiety and lack of you is the hardest feeling I ever had

I gave you my heart and me soul to you and all i got back was a heart in pieces and dark crushed soul in tears

can not understand what is wrong with me anymore .. .
does not matter what i do or kwhat i feel... everything will be wrong

Family, friends, and girls who just be friends tell me that im sweet guy who cares about everything and telling me im really a girls dream,
but if i was that i should have a girl to care about...


i got my own place, nice car, lots of money, good friends,
i have everything! but miss one thing... important thing.... thats is happy life...

Have feelings for suicide... it be stronger each time i be sad.

walking around in this dark world and waiting for the death... is'nt that beautiful..

Think of suicide is most Beautiful thing a soul can do

Im not gonna trust someone again!! Never, Never, again!!

cut my wrist... cut my arms...
or just cut my breath...
i dont care what you do...
but if you go and take my heart and broke it...
i'm gonna cry out in a pool of my blood who comes out from my arms

waiting for someone who can love me....
but.... i only found lies in love.. love must be a lie

When i reach the bottom of sadness and pain i'm gonna take my life

I give you my heart, give you my love and my life
i die so you could live without me in your way

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